The Plant Biomaterials research group focuses on testing and developing plant material resources (e.g., crop, medicine, ornamental plants, etc.) into beneficial products. These plant materials are explored as a raw material and at a molecular level using target genes, e.g., coat protein gene. This research group also studies the characterization of bioactive compounds derived from plant secondary metabolites to solve problems around food security and health. The scope of research covers studies on plant physiology, genetics, development, structure, taxonomy, and biochemistry. In the past years, the Plant Biomaterials Research Group has obtained research funding for their prominent studies:

    1. Development of Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) rapid detection kit based on gold-nanoparticle DNA bioconjugation in varios crops (e.g. Cucurbita moschata; 2021)
    2. Characterization of potyvirus infecting horticultural plants/garden crops (e.g., Capsicum annuum L.) based on coat protein gene.
    3. Exploration and characterization of economic plants, e.g., crops, medicinal plants, and ornamental plants based on their morphological, anatomy, biochemistry, and molecular traits to support their breeding technology.
    4. Identification and characterization of plants seeds to support the germplasm preservation and their cultivation.
    5. Post-harvest handling of fruit products (e.g., Manilkara zapota), horticultural plants (e.g., Capsicum annuuum), and tubers (e.g., Ipomoea batatas) to increase their shelf-life using Chitosan edible coating.
    6. Characterization of reproductive structure in post-breeding orchids (i.e., intra-species, inter-species, and inter-genera).


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