Animal Biomaterials research group are focusing on the animal: as a model to test natural ingredients and behavioral studies, as well as on the structure and material of animal products to solve issues around food security, animal feed, health, medicines, environment, and conservation. The research scope covers behavioral studies, structural and functional biology at various levels (i.e., molecular, cellular, organ system, ecology), production optimization and biomaterial use, and animal conservation. The featured research themes in the past years were:

      1. The development of nanoparticles of natural ingredients as a co-chemotherapy agent in cancer treatment.
      2. Exploration of natural ingredients’ properties in treating diseases in tested animals, as well as active-compound toxicity test in molecular, cell, tissue, and organ level.
      3. Biological characteristics of wild and captive animals to investigate their role within the ecosystem or explore their economic potential.
      4. Screening of products from featured aquatic animals (e.g., fish, shrimp), in vitro and in vivo bioactive compound test from aquatic animals and its application as medicine and food.
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