The Microbial Biomaterials research group focuses on microbes and their roles, including metabolite production from microorganisms, fermented products, microorganisms’ interaction with the higher-level organism and its application in various fields. At present, the research group is handling several ongoing research, e.g.,

      1. Exploration of microorganisms associated with other organisms, e.g., animal, endophyte plants, endomycorrhizal fungi, and phyllosphere bacteria. The microorganism’s bioactivity screening covers their ability to produce enzymes, their potential as probiotics, as well as its application in the medical field and in supporting plant growth.

      2. Screening anti-quorum sensing compounds and their development as an alternative in preventing nosocomial infection.

      3. Food fermentation to produce a specific metabolite.

      4. Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities on traditional fermented foods, paddy field soils, and animal digestive tract.

      5. The use of antimicrobial compound on edible food packaging.

Dr. Artini Pangastuti, M.Si. Head Link to profile 
Dr. Ratna Setyaningsih, M.Si. Member Link to profile
Dr. Ari Susilowati, M.Si. Member Link to profile
Tjahjadi Purwoko, M.Si. Member Link to profile
Siti Lusi Arumsari, M.Biotech. Member Link to profile