Practical Field Work


 In order to achieve the Learning Outcome and Study Program learning outcome module, students studying in the Biology Study Program are required to participate in practical activities in several courses held at the Central Laboratory of Sebelas Maret University, the Biology Study Program Laboratory and the Field Laboratory. The laboratories available in the Biology Study Program building are the Animal Physiology Laboratory, Plant Physiology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Biomolecular Laboratory and Biosystematics Laboratory. In addition to practicum activities, it is also carried out for student research activities. 

Prerequisite Course

A prerequisite course is a course as a prerequisite to getting permission to take specific lectures being requirements. Thus, to take course with prerequisite, they can do it if they have met course requirements with a minimally D score.

Examination and Evaluation

To evaluate students in the following lecture activities, the Faculty organizes examination. We organize examinations of all courses in two phases, namely: mid-semester examination and end-semester examination. Examinations are organized in oral and written forms, complying with the specified time. Students who get permission to follow the examinations are those who meet specified requirements. We announce the results of tests in locations in which students can see it easily.

Requirements of Course and Practical Class Examinations

We organize and schedule examinations once for mid-semester examinations and once for end-semester examinations. Mid-semester and end-semester examinations are formal evaluation, we also evaluate sustainable tasks during the learning process such as homework, quiz, group task, enthusiasm in classroom/group discussion, special activities and answering to questions in classroom/group, either oral, written, and presentational forms. We adapt the scheduling of mid-semester and end-semester examinations to the academic calendar of the university. Coordinator (person in charge) organizes examinations of practical classes specifically. The faculty organizes the rule of practical classes and undergraduate thesis examinations.

Students may follow the course and practical classes examinations if they meet all the following requirements:

  1. Students are registered for relevant semester and Academic Advisor has approved their KRS.
  2. They fulfil administrative requirements issued by the Academic and Student Division and they have paid for all tuition fees.
  3. They have followed lecturing activities a minimum of 75% of the total given is a face-to-face meeting.
  4. For practice (practical) classes, students must follow practical works complying with specified conditions.