International Conference on Biodiversity and Biotechnology (ICBB 2019)

Theme : Bridging research towards bioproducts

A long-term commitment to fundamental biological research relevant to the needs of bio-based industry should be maintained. The genetics of plants and bacteria that lead to an understanding of genes that control plant pathways and cellular process, the physiology and biochemistry of plants and microorganism directed towards improving bioconversion process, and modification of plant metabolism represent major research interest.

Nowadays, the production of efficient and sustainable biofertilizers for plant production, wherein utilization of chemical fertilizer can be reduced significantly to avoid further pollution problems, is currently gaining special attention. Jean Yong, professor of Horticultural Growing Systems and his team have provided scientific linkages and evidence to show that phytohormones are important components of the biofertilizers currently in use by the plant industry. Some Rhizobacterias secrete phytohormones, especially cytokinins, and can be cultured and developed into a biofertilizer. They proposed that soon a hybrid approach of combining organic and conventional fertilization regimes will be the likely scenario, as a better understanding of plant growth and development through the regulatory controls on the cell proliferation processes by phytohormones and mineral nutrients delivered by fertilizers has been achieved.

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